Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh Deer!

I had just gotten off work today and on the way home in the taxi I saw a deer on the front lawn of a neighbors, my hands were full from shopping and I rushed in the door threw the bags on the floor and told mom "Quick get my camera and my zoom lens" - (I still had my wet boots on) - then I ran outside and it was gone! Well good thing I am a wanderer! LOL

I walked about 8 houses down looking all over when I spotted a deer in a back yard of a house! I start slowly walking towards it snapping pictures, then I see another one, snap snap snap, and another one, and oh my goodness there are 4 of them, mean while my hands are freezing and turning red but do I care! Lmao

Then I finally let them be and walk home and just happened to see what a gorgeous sunset, and guess what there were 2 deer, not sure if they were from the family of 4 or if they were 2 more. Probably 2 of the 4.

I have never seen deer in my city before, but people always tell me about them. They are so beautiful!


  1. Pam you did good with these shots! Great captures, they are so beautiful, and they didn't seem too concerned about you, lol!
    I'd say that's a great start to the New Year :-D