Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another adventure...

You all know how I love my adventures, the more walking I do, the more exhausted I get, as long as I have my camera I am a happy camper! lol

Well yesterday we had fresh snow fall and today it was just beautiful outside, and so I thought I would take my camera out for a bit of snowy pictures. While I was out I also bought a card reader and can now upload my pictures easily.

I started off by walking several long blocks to the store, on the way I took a few odd shots...

Then when I was done there I came out and I missed the bus, so I took a short cab ride to a lake I go to some times, I walked around the large lake taking pictures, then took a bus, 2 bus stops to another bit smaller lake and walked around taking pictures, there is a steep hill to go down to get to a beautiful view of the lake and I fell going down it, forward and landed hard on both knees, and then I was heading home and saw 2 deer, a normal person would have went home to rest her knees, am I normal ? No..... I got off the bus after 1 stop, thank goodness for bus passes! lmao Couldn't resist and glad I didn't as those 2 deer turned out to be 8-10. I am positive there were 8 different ones at least.

This is the first female I saw, with the other female, near the 2nd lake I visited, and it took off across the street and down the trail into a huge area with many hills and the trail led down to a low area where they all nibbled at the snow covered trees for a long time! The 2nd female went the opposite direction. I don't believe it is one of the 8-9 deer I saw near the hills.

This is the only male I saw, the rest were females.

Female on the left, the male on the right. He came from another hill down to the bottom where 3 females were and he led her back up the hill.

4 in this picture, hard to spot - all 4 are female, these were on 1 of the hills to the left.

And these were on another hill off to the right, far right deer is male, other 3 are female.

This is the most deer I have seen at 1 time so far, so lets just say I was thrilled! lol


  1. what a fabulous adventure!!! i'm envious...ha! can't wait for the 1st snow!! i love!!! these photos!

  2. Wow, lucky you to have such wonderful wildlife around....I love all of the shots. Besides the deer, my favorite is the snow on the chain link fence. Great fun, Pam.

  3. oh my gosh I would be in heaven if I ever saw deer this close! You are a lucky gal! and that male one looks like one of Santa's, lol!
    what a fabulous outing!

  4. Thank you Pat, Carole & Betty!

    lol I was over the moon that I finally saw a male, I saw a male a few days ago but didn't have my camera and I was in a cab! Probably the same one! I have only ever seen females for years. A few months ago I saw 2 babies with 2 females, hope to get baby pictures one day!

  5. Awesome photos, Pam! Love the deer =) The one of the leaf is really neat, too. So glad your camera is working now.

  6. I would have died! But then again, I get excited about finding a new bug, too. =) How exciting and your photos are gorgeous.

  7. Great fun Pam, I love watching the deer and elk and I am fortunate to have them around my home here, in the mtns, and at the beach. Lovely pictures. I certainly hope your knees are okay and that you haven't done too much damage.

  8. Kathy - Thank you! Yes I am so glad too, I felt like one of my arms was cut off! lmao

    Regina - Thank you! lol Yes I get so excited, I probably shouldn't ever go that close to that many deer, as a few people have pointed out "it wouldn't take them that long to get to me" one day maybe I will learn!

    Marlene - Thank you! I would love to see Elk! My knees and legs are pretty sore today, but I'll live! lol

  9. Great photos Pam! I really love the elegant simplicity of the first one.

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    Blog of Note

  10. Lovely photos! Very beautifully done!

  11. Oh wow! I need to get out shooting nature and wildlife again. I've been in a slump, but your photos remind me that I need to just get out and do it! Gorgeous!

  12. Thank you Lexi, I actually went on a long walk on Friday and saw 3 beautiful deer. 1 buck and 2 does just maybe 15 feet away. Oh how I wish I had my camera! I love deer.