Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lost in a trail...

This is from March 2008...

I had this BRIGHT idea to go to the bridge downtown and take some pictures of scenery and birds, like I did before. Easy, right ? WRONG. I took pictures of 2 Canadian Geese at the bridge, and then noticed there were more down the river so started walking - about 7 blocks later I found a trail, a trail I never should have gotten into because I couldn't find my way out for more than 2 hours and almost 12 kilometers. lol

When I got out my legs were mush, just like jello! ha ha I called a cab and went home. I was at the other end of the city! I have been on a few other adventures since then and I am careful not to get too lost! lol Want to read about more of my adventures, click here.

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