Thursday, March 4, 2010

Re-vamping my blog...

UPDATE: You will notice that most of my blog posts have disappeared. Had I known Blogger was going to be coming out with "pages" like Word Press, I would not have torn it all apart, lol. Oh well. A fresh start is always good.

I will be slowly uploading my best photography and digital art to blogger's new pages, which you will see listed at the top below my header. And then I will keep my blog the way it was before as a regular blog, but I will only be blogging when I have time.

Here are 2 of my newest shots from early February, we had some cold weather and these were taken on a day with some beautiful hoar frost.


  1. Pam I am looking forward to seeing your work, I love the photos you take.

  2. Yes,Pam, these are great. I will always enjoy looking at your work. In a way I have kind of been doing this on a small scale.

    The starkness of these really grab you. :)