Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wildlife on the way home...

This is from July 2009...

OMG What a day we had yesterday, ok so we left the house at 11:45am, we took 2 buses to get to our doctors, then took 3 buses to go to Wal-Mart, got our prescriptions and lots of groceries, got home at 5pm.

Then, we were home until 8pm, and took a cab to my grandparents, they needed boxes so we took 7 down, then we took a bus home, well, the bus is on night service and so it went back up near our doctors, and we saw 1 deer, I stayed on the bus, I was tempted to get off but didn't, we saw a 2nd deer, I stayed on the bus.

Then we transferred to the next bus got a lot closer to our end of the city, and I saw a deer, stayed on the bus, saw a pelican swimming, I rang the bell, too much to resist! LOL We got off and walked back, and there was a deer, a pelican swimming, and a GREAT BLUE HERON boy was I excited. And ducks and ducklings too.

I could kick myself now as I only had my new camera - point and shoot with me, no big camera, no zoom lens. It was getting dark by then too. And we saw a 4th deer when we were waiting for the cab, didn't get any pictures of her. All 4 we saw were females!

But holy cow the bugs were out full force, I might go back some night soon with my big camera! It was so exciting, and my poor mom, what I put her through! LOL Boy are we exhausted now! ha ha ha

We didn't get home until 10pm my time!

These pictures are very dark and grainy, it was almost dark and I was just too far away. Click on the pictures to see a bit larger picture...

Here is the American White Pelican swimming!

Here is the Great Blue Heron, you can barely see him, just like looking for Waldo. LOL Look close, he is in the middle part of the picture, by the edge of the water towards the left side.

And here is the 3rd doe I saw today - 1st at this location. I didn't get a picture of the second doe we saw here.

And for your viewing pleasure, a very short video, the deer walked right by us, about 7-8 feet in front of us, I was nervous and totally excited at the same time and wishing I could teleport home and get my big camera!

And to see a short video of a deer, click the video below...

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