Friday, April 16, 2010

Canada Geese...

These next few posts were all taken today, at this lake, which is a bigger lake with a smaller lake near by. Man made. It was beautiful out today, we had a blizzard at the beginning of the week and lots of snow, it all melted yesterday, and today was perfect except for a lot of wind. It was 19 Celsius or 66 Fahrenheit. I walked around for a full hour, just enjoying the weather and the birds!

I was watching my step, being careful not to step in the poop, which is everywhere and I was taking pictures of the ones swimming in the water, and getting close to the waters edge, and I heard a noise and HOLY COW, it was right in front of me, LMAO about maybe 5 feet at the most, I nearly had a heart attack. Later on I had almost the same thing happen but was a good 7 - 10 feet, not as scary. But boy can they be quiet if they want to be! lol


  1. I've been looking at all your fantastic pictures, you must of had quite the adventure taking all these photos.

  2. Thanks Marlene, I always have fun! I hope to go out a few more times before the bees come out!