Friday, April 16, 2010

Northern Flicker Woodpeckers...

I did some searching and I believe they are a Red-shafted (Western) Northern Flickers.

I think both these birds were males, I know that there were 2 of them as I was following them back and forth for some time, they were flying back and forth to each other in a few trees! The females don't have color on the cheeks! I had to trek through a swamp like area where it was all mud and the snow had just melted, but who cares! lol


  1. WOW! Amazing clear photos. I really enjoy walking our dog through the trails in our wooded pastures, seeing the squirrels, and birds... but never get such a clear look at the critters. So enjoying your photos very much. Jane

  2. Great Photos Pam, they are definitely flickers. We have flickers here but I am not quite sure if they are the same type.