Saturday, April 24, 2010

What is it...

I don't know, maybe a dried up leaf or something. I find stuff like this interesting. I am constantly looking for rocks, weird shaped leaves, pine cones, etc.

By the way, just a note to the blogs I normally read, I am way way way behind again... I have been really busy lately and when I sit down at my computer I don't have the brain power for a lot of reading!

And then this week I have been working extra days, and we did a Garage Sale yesterday and today. Thank goodness it is done, they are exhausting! So one day I will catch up but I am not sure when! lol


  1. Wow, Pam - it almost looks like a seed pod!

    Rest up and don't worry about catching up =p You have had a VERY busy week!

  2. That is what I think too...a seed pod. Great shot of it. Don't feel bad...I have been a bit slow myself reading blogs....but just put up some new pendants.

  3. Thanks Carole! Yeah I have been doing so much this week especially just didn't get there yet! lol