Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ever have too much INSPIRATION ?

alwaysartistic - Original ACEO Greeting Cards

It doesn't happen to me often but when it does I can't sleep. I had an idea that it would be cute to make mixed media collage greeting cards in ACEO / trading card size! Well then I started writing down my ideas in my new art journal and had so many ideas.

Thank you to my friends for inspiring me to start my own art journal. It is a wonderful source of inspiration!


  1. Pam, I love your cards they are great. I have been wanting to start a journal, but keep putting it off. My studio is almost clean, I have been working on it and then I will start to mess it up again by beginning my journal.

  2. good for you Pam! Get all those ideas of your into your journal so they don't take up space in your head. I know that sounds funny, but we tend to forget stuff, or feel so overwhelmed with ideas, that we can't start. Once your ideas are down, you can relax and pick the next thing you'd like to do. Isn't it fun trying new things?
    Your mixed media cards are a great idea!


  3. Those ACEO greetings are SUPER!

    Don't start me on journals :D a good habit and addictive. I have 2 that are just written ideas and a couple with visuals in watercolor, pen, colored pencil, graphite... It's so wonderful to get a BLAST of ideas!
    YAY, Pam!!!!

  4. Marlene, Betty and Lee... Thank you!

    Marlene, I love my journal, and completely messed up my room by starting it your right! LOL

    Betty - Yeah I am loving trying new things, I have so many ideas! Created my envelopes to match today.

    Lee - lol I better stick to just 1 journal! ha ha