Monday, May 3, 2010

We had visitors today...

They didn't stay very long , in fact by the time I got my camera, switched to my zoom lens and grabbed my shoes they were already part way down our back alley way. And I did not stop for a coat or I would have missed them and so I froze. We are under a wind warning, winds are about 65 km / hours gusting now and we are expecting 70 to 100 km / per hour gusting winds.

These pictures are not very good at all. First of all they were in front of garbage bins most of the time, and also the wind, a lot came out very blurry!


  1. I think they are great photos. :) Wind and all.

  2. Beautiful creatures, they look like they still have their winter coats but are getting ready to shed them. We had the Elk visit our place last week, but I couldn't get a picture as they were a ways off and I don't have a camera with a very good zoom lens.

  3. Thanks Marlene! Wow Elk, something I've never seen. Which is probably a good thing, knowing me I'd want to get close for a picture! lol