Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun with watercolors...

I always love to experiment and try new things, and I couldn't sleep the last two nights so you can just guess what I was up to! lol

Kathy (tapestry316) issued a challenge in the July "7 Card Draw" thread to "Create several ACEOs to make one large painting or several small ones. You can pick however many you want to use" which got me thinking... and then I had read a post on using saran wrap at Marlene's (Lazyhawk) blog and I wanted to try it. You can view her post here.

I did a few like this over the last few days I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with the other backgrounds... For these paintings I measured out enough to paper to cover 2 or 3 ACEO's and taped the full pieces down onto my plastic utility table (if you need a good craft table these are awesome, paints wash off so nice and tape comes off too) and then I tried different ideas.

I made this one last night! I can't decide if I should add something to it or just leave it. But I like it how it looks so hopefully that's ok. It is kind of abstract I guess!


  1. These turned out great! there is so much fun you can have with these techniques. I too wasn't sure what to do with some of the backgrounds I created. A few years ago I thin I did birds, and may go back to that again. You can always do a collage using some of your photos on one of these backgrounds, or maybe even the iris folding technique? that's just a guess, since I don't know how you all do those cool folded cards, lol!

  2. Thanks Betty!

    Yeah those are some good ideas! I have one more idea I have to work on in the next few days will take a few hours to do one but hopefully will be a nice ACEO when done! We'll see! I bough a few colors of supplies yesterday!

  3. Looking good Pam, I am so glad you tried the Saran Wrap technique, it is really fun. You can sometimes look at the background and it will speak to you and tell you what it wants to be, you will see things in the shapes (kind of like picking things out in the clouds)

  4. Thanks Marlene! Me too, it is so much fun!