Monday, July 19, 2010

What do you think...

Can go 3 months without buying a single ACEO ? lol I am sure going to try. They are so addictive. But I want to save up for other things! Wonder how long I will last. ha ha ha

Hmmm and this morning doesn't count as it was planned last night! lmao

I bought this gorgeous frog from Karen Anne of IrelandBrady. This is my very first card from her and I can't wait to add it to my collection as I love her work. She also has 5 more original frogs and a set of 6 limited addition prints, also you can also buy the limited addition prints separately as well.

I used to catch frogs as a kid - we used to call them squeakers but according to my mother they were baby bull frogs and these frogs really remind me of that. I can remember chasing them under logs, and in the leaves and other places. I even caught an adult bull fog once. That was the highlight of my summer! lol I also used to love to find tree frogs.

Karen Anne created this card in response to my "Long Legs" challenge on "the aceo challenge" blog. Do you need some inspiration, stop by and check it out here.


  1. That's a real beauty, Pam! Tough to choose just one?

    Karen Anne does such colorful work!

  2. That is a great choice, it is beautiful.

  3. Hi Pam ;o)
    I love Karen Anne's Art!! I just bought one of her mushroom aceo's a couple of weeks ago! I wish I could buy them all!

  4. Yeah "wish I could buy them all" exactly how I felt! LOL