Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art Night Light... CUPCAKES

I am proud to offer this collaborative Art Night light. Images are by me, Pam Hardy C 2009 and the Night light is created by HouseofSixCats, Bill Fantini C 2009.

alwaysartistic - CUPCAKES Art Night Light

His night lights are hand-crafted using a special, translucent polymer that creates a beautiful visual display during the day, similar to a true, photographic print. At night, using the illumination provided by a standard, night light bulb, the image transforms into a glowing work of art.

These night lights are non-flammable, are safe to use in any room of your house, and are UL/CSA listed. For those who have horizontal instead of vertical outlets, the night light fixture rotates, providing for limitless decorating possibilities.


  1. What a nifty idea! Clever girl ;)

  2. Thank you Ladies. Bill comes up with some really cool photo items. It is a lot of fun collaborating with him.

  3. Oh fun! I bet one of my pansy photos would look great as a nightlight too :-)

  4. Wow - this is really cool! I love the look of these =) Great idea!