Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Need a unique gift...

These are just a few of the items my friend Debi has for sale on Ebay. She paints beautiful animals on wooden rings, rocks and more. To see what she has for sale on Ebay, click here.

Items for sale by Debi Y (robdale54 on Ebay)
Debi's Facebook Fan Page - Sticks & Stones


  1. Hey Pam ;o) Nice to hear from you! I checked out your friends items on ebay! Very unique! I liked the dragon on the egg! You got me thinking, which isn't good, because you know what that means! LOL! Hope everything is well ;o)

  2. Hi Stacy,

    Thank you. I bought a dragon in an egg for my moms birthday but ordered a bit late, but I know she will love it as she loves dragons! Hope your good as well!

  3. Cool, great minds think alike ;o) Everything is well thanks ;o)

  4. Thanks for sharing Pam! Unique and lovely gift ideas ;^)

  5. I like the shih tzu on a rock :-D She's very talented!