Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring has finally sprung...

It's been a long wait but we are finally having some beautiful weather. It was 18 Celsius / 64 Fahrenheit today and so I grabbed my camera and went out for a long 2 1/2 hour walk around a lake today. I should have left my jacket at home it was pretty hot by the time I was leaving.

I saw about 10 Canadian Geese, a bunch of ducks, a few robins, 1 red winged black bird, and 1 Downy Woodpecker which I was thrilled to see as I haven't seen the Downy variety before, I usually see the Northern Flickers - this little guy was so sweet.


  1. Great shots, Pam =) Thanks for stopping by to comment on my parrot painting. Yes, I know you have little Jessie. He's a beautiful sun conure! When I first joined ACETSY, I saw a pic of him in a Santa hat and just fell in love!! Kathryn

  2. Oh, and that little woodpecker is too cute!

  3. Lovely new photos Pam, We finally had one Spring day here too. I am really getting tired of the rain and cold.

  4. Pam, fantastic my friend! I loved all the shots!! The woodpecker is my favourite! I hope mine comes back this year. We left a tall wood stump and there is one little guy who comes and pecks at it all the time! ;o) Take Care!

  5. Kathryn - Thank you! And your welcome, I love to see artwork and when it features parrots it touches my heart even more!

    lol it took me a good half hour and a lot of patience from both of us to get that Santa hat to stay on!

    Yes almost want to take him home lol

    Marlene - Thank you, hope you get some nice weather soon!

    Stacy - Thank you! Hopefully your little friend will come back this year, they are so fun to watch!

  6. Thank you Lee :) It has been beautiful here. Walked over to vote today and birds were singing everywhere, just very windy.