Friday, April 27, 2012

Calgary Zoo: The Birds

Here are just a few of the many birds I saw... I also saw an American Kestrel up in a tree, but it was so far up, I got a clear enough picture to be able to identify it and that's all.

The Calgary Zoo has 4 types of penguins... Humboldt, Gentoo, Rockhopper and Kings. They have them in a beautiful exhibit called the Penguin Plunge. You walk through the building and you have penguins on both sides, there is lots of water for them to swim in.

Bald Eagle
There were 2 of them, but behind wire fence was hard to get a good picture.

Whooping Crane
There were 2 of these beautiful birds.

Andean Condor
Look at those wings, such a beautiful bird.

Hyacinth Maccaw
He were behind glass and so really hard to get good pictures. They are always one of my favorite birds to see. This guy was in with the Giant Anteaters.

Yellow Headed Amazon
Another one behind glass, this one was in with some kind of monkeys.

The rest of these birds were all wild. Many of the small birds were able to get into the cages of other birds, like the Bald Eagle, Andean Condor, and in with the monkey exhibits, and also in with the giraffes. The zoo is really like a big playground for them.

Canada Geese

Male Common Merganser 

Male Wood Duck

Male Mallard Duck

Female Mallard Duck


  1. Love the penguins and Maccaw - great duck shots too. I really am fond of reflected images.

  2. I love the reflections too! But Pam, seriously, all these pictures are fantastic!! Great shots!