Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 1st, 2012: The Butterfly Gardens

This butterfly garden is located at the first greenhouse. It was beautiful. So many beautiful butterflies, plants, and flowers. Plus at least 3 turtles and a bunch of koi in a large pond. The turtles used to be in a small plastic pond. Then quite a few loose canaries and finches and a few budgies. They all look so happy and healthy.

I will add what types of butterflies these are a bit later. I know what a lot of them are, just need to type it in.

As we were getting ready to leave this one landed on my purse... so pretty!


  1. WOW! Gorgeous shots Pam! Love all the butterflies :-)

  2. birds and butterflies, oh my! you lucky girl, I love them both and would really enjoy a trip like this. I've got a canary, so I've got a weak spot for them, just love them! you took some fabulous shots, and of the roses on your last blog too!

  3. You took some amazing pictures! So beautiful! I have enjoyed them all =)

  4. Pam amazing!!! I love the picture of the butterfly on your purse! Too cute ;o)