Friday, September 14, 2012

My Halloween Paper Bag Album so far...

After creating my first paper bag album last week I wanted to try making a Halloween themed album for my ACEO's... I love Halloween, it's my second favorite holiday behind Christmas!

I have a few friends who wanted to make some kind of mini album too and so I issued a challenge on my blog - find it here!

I cut and glued all of the papers in last night... don't ask me what time I went to bed lol You don't want to know! And the back cover is the same black & purple as the front cover, I just forgot to take a picture of it!

I used the pamphlet stitch with orange and green ribbons, and if your going to use ribbons I suggest making big enough holes lol It was mighty hard to work with. I did small tags on the front as I thought that paper would make the perfect pocket!

This last page I messed up on... I was being so careful trying to get the 2 pages matching up... and this one I cut the 2 inches off in the middle by mistake lol Didn't want to waste paper and so I made a pocket out of it, the pocket lines up with the left page... the right page under the pocket doesn't but it will be mostly covered when I make something to go in the pocket!

The paper was a scrapbook paper pad I got at Michaels, $30 and I had a 50% off coupon. Then I bought some brads today, some Halloween embellishments and a stamp that was on sale! Can't wait to finish the book!


  1. Pam, you are making my heart melt!!! This is so darn cute!!! Well done!!! A+++

  2. Hi Pam, it's me, Jen, the new gal on the 7CardDraw block ;)

    I am following your blog! Great job!!! I think this book is adorable :)

  3. Thank you so much Stacy & Jen! I think these mini books are my new addiction lol So much fun to make!

    Thank you Jen, glad to have you as a follower!

  4. Very cute! I like the pocket on the front and the ribbons look great!

  5. Thank you Kathy! I modeled the tags after a thin bookmark I have, then just shortened them! And inked the edges with a stamp pad!

  6. This is a cute little album, Pam! Love the Halloween theme and all your doo dads - you really made it unique and adorable ;-)

  7. Pam that is so cute.... Your paper is certainly brighter than mine, now I really want to get mine done. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Thank you Marlene! I am sure yours will be just as fun! I got lucky my Michaels had about 5 different Halloween paper pads to choose from... this one had a lot of purple and I LOVE purple lol