Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 11th, 2012: Multiple Locations

Last week a friend and I went a few places around town.

Bridge Near The River & Forest Area Under It
We saw lots of beaver activity and even foot prints here. Not very many birds and the ones we saw were too far away.

Driving around on the outskirts of the city
Beautiful little barn and some Llamas! My friends mom gave us a little tour showing us some cool places to go in the future.

A Local Wildlife Park
This Bald Eagle was across the river, and so very hard to get a good shot. They are beautiful birds and I am loving seeing them any way I can! Lots of Canada Geese at the end of the night too as it was getting dark.


  1. Fantastic Pam! I love your photos of the trees! The different knots, or the way the bark is missing! Great wilderness where you are taking these photos! Love the barn and Llamas! The little pigeon head peaking over is too cute! He was like, hi, how are you? LOL!

  2. Pam, your pictures are phenomenal, as always. I especially like just the fence and the almost purple-shaded bird... stunning!

  3. Thank you Jen - There are certain subjects I am just drawn to, and fences are one of them... I love them!

    lol I think the pigeon thought we were nuts, 2 of us taking his picture. Oh and there were 2 coffee cups up in the area where they were nesting, looked like they were sitting in them, maybe a nest in there...