Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3rd, 2012: Down By The River

Today I decided to go on a short trip out with my camera today, expecting to maybe see some ducks, geese or smaller birds. Well did I ever get a surprise, and I do love surprises lol

I love Seagulls so was happily snapping away at what I thought was a seagull, when I suddenly realized, oh %&$ it's a Bald Eagle... LOL Well I have never seen one in the wild, and have heard that they are in our city and so I was over the moon. Then 2 more bald eagles joined it on a tree.

I was freezing but who cares... lol What an experience. I just wish I had brought my bigger lens, but I am happy with the pictures I got anyways.

The best pictures are of the first bald eagle as he flew towards me, the other 2 flew away from me.

At the very end of my trip, I was sitting at the bus terminal and looked up, there is a mural with bald eagles... thought it was a fitting end to my trip. I think this mural must be fairly new, I don't remember seeing it before.


  1. More great shots, Pam. You got a bunch of wonderful bird shots. Is it Neil Young singing ...down by the river...

  2. Thank you Lee!
    lol I don't know who Neil Young is... although Down By The River does sound like a song lol Will have to look it up!

  3. Pam, great photos!!! Love them all and what a fantastic surprise! You know, I believe, when an animal comes to you, it is because of a reason! Especially since you saw the bald eagle mural too! I have to look up what bald eagle means!! Very interesting!!!

  4. So cool to see bald eagles Pam! They always take me by surprise too. Maybe if we saw them more often they would be easier to recognize :)

  5. Wow, Pam - you have some great captures here! Congrats!!!