Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google is axing Google Reader...

I have used Google Reader for years, I find it so much easier to follow blogs. So I was sad to hear Google is  going to no longer offer it as a service after July 1st.

My suggestion to you would be to backup all of your blogs you follow, visit each blog and simply bookmark it so you don't loose them. Then try a few blog readers before July 1st and decide which one you like the best, and then you will be all set and not left scrambling on July 1st.

Below is a screenshot of Google Reader. I have removed some information for privacy but basically this is what it looks like. You can organize your blogs into folders on the left. I have everyday blogs which are blogs I read first before reading the others. As I have a hard time keeping up with everything, so it works better for me this way.

In the main part the blog posts appear. Once I scroll past a post, it marks it as read. If I want to comment I click on the title and it takes me to the actual blog.

~ click the images to see the full sizes ~

Some have been wondering if they use Google Reader, so here is a screen shot of the Blogger Dashboard's Blog Reading List. It is similar but a little different.

I have just started using Feedly, which is a blog reader as well. So far I really like it. You can customize the theme, and you can tweak the settings to fit your preference  You can see your posts in a titles only format like Google Reader lets you, or you can choose to view it magazine style, which is what I have it set to... I kind of like it that way so far. It also lets you follow your youtube channel subscriptions, although I haven't tried that just yet.

If you would like to try Feedly, you can find it at

And you can do a search for Blog Readers to find others!


  1. ...greetings and merry meet dear new kindred! ~ found thine link via: Magic Love Crow!...
    ...well constructed and thought out post! ~ will look into this new reader! ~ thankyoU! ~ sO much for your gracious time! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart!...(0;

  2. feedly looks good! i do not ike the new blogger dashboard at all...don't use maybe i'll chance to feedly!!!

  3. Visiting from Magic Love crow/Stacy! Thanks for all of the helpful info! Gorgeous blog..beautiful art and creations and images..lovely to meet you and visit your magical realm!

  4. Your welcome everyone, glad I can help! I haven't used Feedly a lot yet as I don't have any more posts to read but I sure like it so far!