Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Featured Artist: Tilted Asylum...

I'd like to introduce you to a multi talented artist... If you are like me, and Halloween is one of your favorites holidays... you will love the ornaments and artwork by Tamara. You can visit her Etsy shop Tilted Asylum and her Blog. She creates beautiful ornaments, sculptures and artwork. Some of my favorites are for Halloween and Christmas, but they are not all for the holidays. Below is just a few of the ornaments currently listed in her shop. Click on the image to visit the item pages...

And she also does beautiful sculptures as well as poetry... the below poem goes with the sculpture, and it has already been sold. Sorry! This is one of my favorites. 

"Ode to a friend"

Alas poor Jack
I knew him well
and as a friend
he was quite swell.

A thought he had
one fateful day,
"What fun it'd be
to roll and play".

He rolled around
was quite a thrill
but too close he came
to a slippery hill.

He rolled down fast
and hit his head
and now he's cracked
and very dead.

But all's not lost
please do not cry
for now he is
a yummy pie.

written by Tamara Dozier 

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  1. Tamara is a cool artist! Love her stuff! Thanks for sharing Pam ;o)