Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013... Backroads of the city...

Today I went out with 2 friends. First we went to lunch at Wendy's, to say goodbye my friend K, who is moving far away, after we ate lunch at Wendy's we went looking for some birds on the back roads of the city near by. Today was a perfect day for me, -8 Celsius / 17.6 Fahrenheit... but brrrr so chilly! But lucky for me no wasps today.

We stopped at this small pond where there were tons of ducks and as soon as we got out of the truck, they all took off and didn't come back lol

Some of these landscape pictures were taken on my phone, as I only brought my large zoom lens!

After the ducks took off we waited a while to see if they'd come back but no luck.

Then we drove around a while but didn't see much... 2 birds, this 1st is possibly a hawk or maybe just a crow. And the 2nd could have been a sea gull, hard to say... both taken from inside the truck.

It sure is beautiful with all the fall colors...


  1. Beautiful Fall shots! The pods are great...we used to pick them and dry them and use in fall dried bouquets with teasels, cattails and wheat grass.

  2. Gorgeous pictures Pam! I have to admit, the middle 3 are my favorite! The fence post, the wild flowers and the pods. Remember those too! LOL! Take Care ;o)

  3. Gorgeous photos, Pam! Wow! Those trees are huge and I love the colors! The pods are very interesting. Looks like you had a good time!

  4. Hi Girls, thank you I had so much fun... can't wait to get out with my camera, going to have fun this winter!