Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 1st, 2013: Bridge Downtown

It was nice and cold yesterday so I thought I'd try going out with my camera for a bit. I am allergic to wasps and bees and so I hibernate in the summer. I didn't see very many wasps until I was down at the bridge and then suddenly they were everywhere. I called a cab to get out of there and had to wait 20 minutes, it was the longest 20 minutes of my life lol... I was so glad to get home lol Anyways, it was fun for the first 5 minutes and I did get a few pictures! Won't be going out again until I am sure they are done and I can be safe.

I love fences and fence posts... not sure why but I think they are beautiful!

This is my favorite church - it is a Catholic church!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures Pam! I love your fences and fence posts too! Sorry about all the wasps! I find the bees and wasps are every where in October, worse than in the summer! Glad you made it home safe!