Friday, November 8, 2013

November 7th, 2013: A local lake

I decided to try visiting a small lake near by today, I had gone by there on the bus a few days and saw a lot of Canadian Geese... I went a little earlier so I'd have more time with them. I didn't see the geese today but there were quite a few ducks. It started to spit rain and then soon turned cold, rainy and really windy so I didn't stay very long. There were a few different types of ducks, most were mallards.

This first image was taken on my iPhone...

This American Coot was munching on some seaweed. He kept diving to get more.


  1. Love the couple! Looks chilly - glad you were able to get these before the weather got nasty! :D

  2. Thank you Lee... that couple kept going head to head, then dipping heads in the water then back to head to head, then back to the water over and over. So cute!

  3. What fun! Love the duck walking on water - great capture. And I'm with Lee, the couple is cute.

  4. You got some great photos Pam!! I love the seaweed shots and the one picture of the ducks kissing ;o) So cute ;o)