Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 7, 8 and 9, 2014... Trip to Calgary... Part 2

My friend Carol drove us to and from Calgary and a bit in between, but we really wanted to take the c-train too. So on day 2 we drove to the nearest c-train station and took it down town. I lived in Calgary for 12 years starting in 1990... so I know my way around still.

We were able to visit with family of mine and stay in a guest apartment down the hall from them in their building. It was a really nice trip. And all 3 days were +20 Celsius / 68 Fahrenheit. I wore just a t-shirt mostly, with a sweater rarely. It was so beautiful we couldn't believe our luck.


This place is one I thought Carol would really enjoy, and I hadn't been in about 8 years, boy has it changed. It used to be closed off, now it is part of the mall, right next to the food court, and people can take their food and eat in there. What a peaceful place to have a break.

We also saw a magpie and a few small birds in there, they probably got in and couldn't get out... the magpie was flying back and forth the length of the mall.

The Calgary Tower

Pisces Pet Emporium
One of our favourite pet stores in Calgary.

They have a huge enclosed class room with little monkeys, so sweet.

Tadpoles, if I had an aquarium waiting at home... oh boy I was so tempted to come home with a bag. LOL At $40 each, that would be expensive. I LOVE FROGS, and so miss my aquariums. We had aquariums for about 15 years. 


Gophers, almost as cute as the meerkats at the zoo lol, we stopped for a rest and saw them, we were pretty far away.


  1. Lovely! On the road again...
    Great trip, Pam.

  2. What a beautiful place to eat! Wow! So glad you had good weather and a wonderful trip! What lovely photos - thanks for taking us along!

  3. You two had a great trip! I can't believe that one spot is in a mall! Beautiful! Did you ever watch Canadian Pickers, with Scott and Sheldon? I would love to go to their spot in Calgary ;o)

  4. Great Pics. Those are some interesting looking plants.