Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 11th, 2014... a local lake

I went back to one of my favourite  lakes, what a beautiful day for a walk! 

Great Horned Owl Family

Canada Goose Family
I think these are the same babies as the last few weeks, but there were 5 and now are only 4 babies.

Mallard Duck Family

Goose or duck eggs!

More Canada Geese

Canada geese fighting lol

More Mallard Ducks

Lesser Yellowlegs
(a new one for me yay)

Believed to be a Turkey Vulture

American Kestrel

Yellow Rumped Warblers


  1. Nice to see a different variety.Nice pics

  2. Beautiful as always, Pam! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome, Pam! Wow - look at all the babies! The owls have gotten so big! Love the little warbler! So glad you got to spot a new one!

  4. I love seeing the families as the kids grow! My favorite is the Canada Geese swimming in a row :D The owl shots are spectacular! When I visited back east, I go to see a cardinal pair slimmed down without their winter duds and noticed the robins and jays are much smaller there.
    Great shots, Pam! Thanks ;)

  5. Wow Pam, what an amazing day! Love the owls! Love the fighting match! LOL! Love that little yellow bird ;o) Truly fantastic photos ;o)