Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Framed Photography...

I have a 2 day craft sale in 2 days and so I am getting ready for it. 

Brockton Point Lighthouse in Vancouver, British Columbia... (from my March 2014 trip) I LOVE lighthouses and this was such an experience... my 1st lighthouse I have been to. So beautiful!

Great Grey Owls from the Calgary Zoo... I framed this exactly the same last year and sold it, and 
not 10 minutes later a customer came back looking for it, she had been thinking on it. lol It looks so beautiful in this frame so I decided to do it again.

Pair of Bald Eagles from my trip to Vancouver, British Columbia... (from my March 2014 trip)

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  1. Everything looks great Pam! I hope the craft sales went well ;o) That is funny about the owl picture! But, it is stunning!
    I have got all your e-mails and I am sorry I haven't written you back! Trying to catch up and kick my butt in gear ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)