Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 29, 2014... Driving outside of the city again

My friend Kiri and I went out driving around the outskirts of the city for an hour. It was a beautiful day but again roads were so slippery and it was much colder than the day before when we went out.

This bird was just too far away... no idea what it was. 

Sharp Tailed Grouse... we saw quite a few, I only managed to catch these ones. These are another first for me... love seeing new things.

3 male pheasants.

Tons of Canada Geese that day, flying everywhere.

Male and female deer... I just managed to catch them as we were driving.

Cows lol


  1. I like the cows. There's something so soothing and peaceful about watching cows graze. Weird, huh? LOL!

  2. LOL There were 2 fields side by side here and a lot of cows. They are beautiful. Cows always make me think of the movie Twister... "We've Got Cows" LOL

  3. Cows! LOL! You are too funny! Gorgeous photos Pam! Really loved them! Too bad the roads were so slippery! Everything is green here! No snow!
    Pam, as always, I am really behind in everything! You sent out a new address for you awhile ago? If I don't find it, I am going to have to e-mail you! LOL! Hugs ;o)