Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DIY Craft Organizer...

I recently changed my craft and office spaces. Here is a tutorial on how I converted a 15 cubbie shoe organizer to fit 6 shoe boxes and work for craft storage.

I used to have all my craft supplies in a very small corner of my bedroom, and it just wasn't working. It was always a mess as there just wasn't room for proper storage. I got the organization and decluttering bug a few weeks ago and have been going through my house. It is starting to look way better.

I have built my desk, and I still have my moms desk and 2 armoires to build. That will get done sometime this week. I am combining my office / computer / craft spaces all into the living / dining rooms... it should look really good when done.

Here is my desk, and my new organizer I just finished building.

I bought this rubbermaid 15 cubbie shoe rack for $50 (Canadian Dollars) at Wal-Mart, I thought the compartments looked a lot smaller and it would be good for my future copic marker addiction I plan to have LOL... well the compartments were too big. I had just bought 2 white photo boxes and my mom was looking at it, and she said why don't you take the 2 outer pieces of wood out and it will fit 6 photo boxes... BRILLIANT IDEA!!! Why didn't I think of that lmao Anyways, I just bought some brackets to support it as once I put a few things in it was already sagging. The Brackets were $2.84 (Canadian Dollars) for 8 at Home Depot.

I had already built the shoe organizer so I had to get creative... To decide where to drill my holes I took a non permanent market (black zig pen)... anything that stays wet and doesn't dry instantly will work... then I measured 2 inches from the front of the unit and put marker on the end and lined it up and pressed the end to where the whole should go... it left a marker stamp which I later used to drill. I used the 1/4" drill bit.

My holes went all the way through the sides, you can buy white furniture stickers to cover them, I have some left over from my Desk.

I then decided to turn this around so the slots wouldn't be visible once the boxes were in place.

I didn't like the brown wood showing so I used some of my white acrylic craft paint and a paint sponge to paint it. One coat was all it needed.

Tada... matching white... looks much better!

It turned out beautiful. I love it! I bought myself a craft carouself from Michaels and a little makeup organizer that fits my post it notes (post it note addict)... and I should be able to fit some markers standing up in it too.

I LOVE my new desk. My old desk was on an 8 foot long utility table and it had no drawers or any storage, so again, always a mess. This will be so much better. 

I also bought some wire baskets and will be putting my power bar and cables up out of sight soon... I saw this idea on pinterest and have wanted to do it a long time. I bought these 2 baskets at Amazon for $7.99 (Canadian Dollars).


  1. You are so creative Pam! WOW! Great idea from your mom too! I want to build one now! This is brilliant! Thanks for explaining all of this!

  2. Looking good Pam! Being organized is going to give you more time to be creative :) I have that same carousel organizer and I love it.

  3. Thanks Ladies... I can't wait to get creating again.

    Stacy... it really wasn't hard at all. You just need a drill, or one you can borrow.

    Christine... I had the old version of the carousel and sold it with my 9 craft cubes... compartments were all so small lol Have missed it so bought the new version when I had a good coupon.

  4. I love it! Looks fantastic Pam!

  5. Your working place looks super comfortable and tidy. Totally not like mine. My working place is a total disaster.