Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photos I've taken recently...

I'm enjoying getting out in the beautiful spring weather with my camera, all of these except the lilies, where taken with my new 75-300mm lens - using the macro option. I love it!

April 21st 2009 - a trip to a local park

April 21st 2009 - a trip to 1 bridge and under 2 different bridges and in to a small forest area.

April 6th 2009 - Trip to a small lake.

April 2009 - Lilies bought for Easter.


  1. Lovely!!! I absolutely cannot pick a favorite! These are great =)

  2. Your work is just wonderful, my heart is in photography! :)

  3. Thank you, I love photography too!

  4. Your Photos are absolutely wonderful Pam, I'm with Kathy too hard to pick a favorite. I have your calendar and love it, are you going to be doing one for 2010? Think about birds okay.

  5. Marlene - Thank you! Not sure about a 2010 calender, we'll see. If I see them at a good price again maybe. But most of the calendars are over $20 each. I will watch for them a good price again!

  6. Your photos are so crisp and lovely.
    The flying duck one is pretty cool.

  7. These photos are spectacular. How do you like your new lens....you do have one right?

    Beautiful work.

  8. Thank you Carole,
    I love my new lens, it is 75-300 mm zoom and it has a macro option on it, so cool!

  9. Pam, what great shots, I hope you continue to enjoy your new lens. Your work is beautiful!
    Peace, Judi