Sunday, May 10, 2009

We had 3 visitors today...

Today when we woke up I looked out the window and said to my mom "Oh my goodness, we have 3 feet of snow", well I was joking but she got up anyways and we had a good laugh!

Anyways so we are waiting for our pizza to come with our door open and she says hurry come quick, there is a deer outside our door, then she says there's another deer. Well I thought she was joking to get back at me, turns out there were 3 outside! lol

And let me point out that I had just had a shower, put my flowery blue pj's on, hadn't brushed my hair and my hair was wet, the Pizza guy shows up the second I get outside with my camera (I had planned to stay hidden) I said thanks and went looking for the 3 deer. Mom paid, Jessie screamed and anyone who saw me outside thought I was nuts I'm sure.

I got closer to them then I would have a goose, LOL, anyways I hid behind a garbage bin from the 4plexes near by, and watched as they nibbled a neighbor's tree, and then her pretty purple flowers. Then I went inside and ate our delicious pizza.

The pictures aren't that clear and for some reason their eyes all went blue & green! lol


  1. What fun, Pam. LOL

    We have some crows that are always in my waterfountain. I have yet to get a decent photot because I cannot get out the door without scaring them off.

    Great shots. I wish someone had gotten one of you. LOL

  2. Wonderful description of your encounter, and I agree with Carole that a picture of you stalking the deer in your PJ's would be perfect.

  3. Carole - Yes it sure was! Thank you! LOL A few people have said they would have liked a picture of me! Hope some day you can get a picture of your crows!

  4. I agree with the gang, a shot of you stalking in your pjs would have been sweet!

  5. Cute story about the snow and pajamas. How fun to see deer right outside your door.

  6. ROFLOL! haha - I am glad I am not the only one who dashes outside in pjs to take a picture! LOL!