Monday, June 1, 2009

Birds, Birds and more Birds.....

What a day I had, I went out for 5 hours today,12pm my time until 5pm, a ton of walking on trails (yes I know I shouldn't go on trails as I've been lost before) but I stayed close to houses or places I knew (for most of it anyways, I was careful), I first took 3 buses to the far end of the city, and then I walked a few blocks until I got on a trail, then I spotted a bird and then another, about 5-6 of them total and I spent half an hour chasing them back & forth trying to get a nice picture... After a lot of searching I have identified it as a Western Meadowlark. Wow what a gorgeous song they had, I want to get myself a tape recorder and go back some time.

Then I walked further on the trail until I could see the river, and then I spotted something white in the water, then I spotted a trail leading down to the water, kinda steep had to be careful, and got down there and what was it ??? 2 American White Pelicans in the water. Here is a view of the river, and then the pelicans. Then I couldn't believe my luck when the 2nd pelican flew up to be with the 1st.

Then I very carefully climbed up the steep trail and got back on to the trail and kept walking and walking and walking, here is a bird and flowers I saw on the way...

The below wildflowers are called "Dames Rocket", and invasive species from Europe and SW Asia.

Then I had thought I was already at the Wildlife park, but apparently I hadn't entered it yet! lol So I walked and walked and walked until I got to their nature center - guess what, CLOSED on MONDAYS! Lmao Here is a butterfly I saw there, it was no bigger than a nickel.

Anyways I saw more American White Pelicans, and what I thought was 6, I blew up all my pictures and it looks to be at least 9, possibly more. They are not the same ones as before as I could see them when I was looking at the other two.

Then a bit later on I saw 2 American White Pelicans flying, not sure if they were the same as before or not.

Then I called a cab because I was out of energy for the moment, and just as it pulled up I saw a yellow bird that might have been an American Goldfinch and a Baltimore Oriole, but it was too fast for a picture. I went to the bus terminal, then took the bus to the college, where I saw 2 pairs of Canadian Geese, and 10 or 11 goslings. The goslings were running to catch up with their parents, so cute! They were all swimming when I got there and were just getting out, then they went and sat on the grass under trees far away and by the time I left they had moved over near the water and were taking a nap.

I saw lots of ducks, these two are Canvasbacks, most were swimming in the water, or just getting in the water.

Then I walked over near the end of the lake, before I was going to leave and spotted 1 single duckling swimming all by himself, he must belong with the Mallards below, there were no other ducks on that side of the pond, and no ducklings anywhere.

Then I decided to cross to the other side of the lake to get a better view of him, well behind this lake is a smaller lake and it has a nice big water fountain in it, and I heard a noise, turned around and voila, a mommy duck and 10 ducklings, these are Mallards, they are so totally cute!

I also saw a lot of Male Red-winged Blackbirds, including a few that were smaller in size and not as much red, I think maybe they were juvenile males. I was chasing them around trying to get some nice pictures.

And a lot of Female Red Winged Blackbirds (picture below), which I had no idea that was what they were when I was taking pictures of them. I also saw a lot of European Starlings and American Robins.

Then just as my battery said it was almost dead, I spotted this bird, which I looked up and it is called a Cedar Waxwing, I saw 1, then 2, then about 5, then I turned around and there was a tree right full of them, they are beautiful.

Today was really windy, and so a lot of the pictures turned out blurry, mostly the ones I took of the river near the wild life park. But I sure had fun, and it wasn't too hot or too cold.

Then after all that I cabbed it home, I was POOPED! lol


  1. Pam, what a day - I was pooped just reading about it. Beautiful photos.

  2. That was great. I felt like I was there with you. Your area is certainly beautiful. Was that a red winged black bird?

  3. Love the baby ducks all in a row next to Mama! So cute and great photo composition.

  4. Thanks Carole,

    Yes That is a male red winged black bird, and yesterday I discovered I also took pictures of the female which is in this post too. I had never known what the females looked like before.

    Thanks Julie,

    I love the little ducklings, they are so much fun!

  5. Thanks Sue, yes they are beautiful I hope to see them again!

  6. Wow, what a great day of shooting. You have great luck capturing birds - wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing them with us!