Sunday, May 31, 2009

OMG I am soooo excited!

I worked for hours at my grandparents place scanning almost 300 images to 9 cd's, then we went to catch the bus at 6:15pm my time, well we must of missed it, BUT.... We saw TWO, count them TWO different Great Blue Heron's flying. They flew in the same direction, not too far apart so I know they were not the same bird. Boy I was / am over the moon happy! lol And I just about screamed when I saw the 2nd one! LOL The Great Blue Heron has always been one of my very favorite birds. I can't believe my luck! I never thought I would see it again this year for let alone 4 sightings in the span of a week or so. On May 24th I had seen one Great Blue Heron twice - you can see that image here and the edited version here.

The pictures aren't as clear as my last one, but still I am happy.

The first Great Blue Heron
It was too far away before I realized what it was, I took about 8-10 pictures of that and you can see it is a Great Blue Heron, but they are blurry.

The second Great Blue Heron
This one flew right over us, still way up high, but got a better view of him!


  1. Very cool! Congrats on seeing all the critters =)

  2. Marlene, Thanks! Wow that is funny, never thought of them doing that!

  3. Great luck! I'm excited for you! They are magnificent birds.

  4. they are great Pam..Thank you for sharing them:)

  5. I can feel him flying closer and closer. Nicely done.