Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Featured Artist: artistsuetaylor

I was browsing Etsy the other day looking at all the art for sale and came across some larger work by Sue of artistsuetaylor. She is a really talented artist. I don't realize I am doing it but sometimes I forget to look at the larger pieces and mostly pay attention to ACEO size and so totally missed these... click on the images to see the listing.

Floral Swallowtail Butterfly - Watercolor and Pastel

Floral Monarch Butterfly - Watercolor and Pastel

Horse - Color Pencil and Pastel

Abstract Wrought Iron Detail - Color Pencil and Pastel

And I can't feature Sue without sharing a few of her ACEO's, to see more check out her shop!


  1. Pam, what a beautiful artist! I have marked her in my favourites!! WOW!!!
    Take Care, Stacy

  2. Wow, those are pretty amazing! I'm guilty too of looking at the ACEOs, I totally forget about the other stuff, lol!

  3. Thanks for stopping by girls!

    Yeah I guess it is because I only collect ACEO's. Although one day I am going to see something I can't live without and need a bigger house! LOL

  4. Beautiful butterflies, Sue is an amazing artist.

  5. These are gorgeus, Pam! Love your write up and her artwork =)

  6. Thank you for all the kind words. I love the little aceo cards they have helped to improve my larger work. Ultimately I work more on the larger work. the butterflies are watercolor, which I do very little of. I much prefer color pencil, pastel and acrylic. Thank you Pam for the write up. Sue