Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Work In Progress: Jet ACEO

It has been quite a while since I did an iris folding ACEO. So today I decided to print off some patterns. So far I have only done 1, I started with a Jet. Some patterns you have to shrink a bit if you are making a ACEO, as they are more the size for cards.

First I chose my papers, then with my exacto knife I cut the pattern out. And taped the patten down to the table, my table is a hard plastic utility table so the tape is really easy to get off. Do not tape to a good kitchen table.

Next I cut out triangle corners from hard card stock and taped them and the pattern down where I wanted them.

Next I consulted my bird... Jessie James to make sure I was doing everything correctly. He said I was so I continued. He helped with the whole process unlike the other day when he really didn't feel like helping! lol

Then I started following the pattern using my 4 colors, light brown, darker green brown, dark green and orange.

I kept going until every piece of the pattern was done.

Here is the finished back. I use scotch double sided tape, it is sometimes hard to find but I find it works nicely.

Here is the finished front before I cut it down to ACEO size.

After cutting it down I added more tape around the sides and areas that were not taped to make it a bit more even. Then I added glue, I used API's Crafter's Pick Memory Mount. I then wiped off the excess glue and stuck it under a pile of pop can boxes.

This is the finished ACEO. I noticed that some glue leaked out right in the center and tried to gently take it off, but you can still see it unfortunately. But oh well it was fun to make!

Here it is having some pressure on 3 parts that were thicker, making sure it doesn't come apart!


  1. I love my Iris-folded purse ACEO that you made. This looks very cool indeed.

    Jesse has good taste.

    My oldest son has a bit of an addiction to soda, so I won't keep any in the house; however, I've found that DH's monstrously heavy computer books like "Programming Python" or "C++" books work really well as a paperweight when I make note cards!

  2. Thank you Christy! I just saw my purse a few days ago, I uploaded some of my past ACEO's to flickr!

    I need to do more iris folding I do love it!

    Yeah anything heavy is good!

  3. Pam I missed this post somehow. Wow, I knew there was a lot of work involved in these, I just had no idea how much. Great job!

  4. No problem Betty! Yes they do take quite a while to make. I love making them!