Friday, May 6, 2011


 Today I went back to the same lake I was at 10 days ago. There were no babies then but there was 1 Canadian Goose sitting that never got up. Today there were 5 little goslings. And oh boy they are cute.

Today wasn't the best day for pictures though as every once in a while the sky opened up and soaked me. lol But I managed to get a few pictures. There were about 14 Adult Canadian Geese, and 5 goslings. 5 or so ducks, a few robins, a quite a few red winged black birds.

The family of Canadian Geese...

Lone Canadian Goose swimming... not the best picture the cattails were too high to get a good picture!

Male and Female Mallard Ducks...


  1. All these shots are SUPER! I especially love the second one with the babies hitchin a ride :D

  2. Pam fantastic! I really enjoyed all the pictures! Have a great weekend!

  3. Great pictures Pam, the goslings are so adorable, I will have to get to our beach house and see if we have babies there.

  4. Thank you ladies, I hope to be able to get to that same lake at least once or twice more. last year there were 2 pairs of geese with goslings and a pair of ducks with ducklings too if I remember right. They are so sweet.