Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gift Basket Fun...

I haven't blogged in forever and so I thought I'd share today's fun project with you! As it may give you an idea for a gift for someone you know...

A co-worker of mine is retiring in a little over a month and today I put a little gift basket together for her. Pretty easy to dress a plain old basket up. I bought the basket for under $5 on sale. The ribbon I had bought a while ago 2 for $1.00, used 2 colors dark turquoise and light turquoise and wrapped them around the handle and did 2 bows at the 2 sides and a bit bigger one in front.

Then instead of buying a bag of shredded paper which the craft store wanted $5 for, I took 5 sheets of turquoise, light blue and light green paper and put it through my shredder. I put the box for the ornament underneath to raise everything up and to save on paper.

Then I filled it with an ornament I bought. A calendar from me, a post card and ACEO from my artist friend Christy Dekoning. I added a magnet strip to the back of the ACEO. My friend loves cats so I know she will love them!

I am going to add a few more little things to it, then cellophane wrap it and tie it off with the matching ribbon. Should look pretty nice when all done!


  1. Lovely Pam! I love the colors you used in this - what a lucky friend!

  2. Pam she will love it! what a great idea, and so easy to make it look professionally done! I have tons of ribbons, just need to find a nice basket which shouldn't be difficult. My problem is, I get a bit lazy about stuff, and since I also procrastinate, I end up putting gifts in a gift bag, lol!

  3. Thank you girls!

    And the funny thing is I bought the card a few weeks ago. And the ribbon weeks ago, for something else. Then chose a few colors for the shredded paper. And they all wound up matching perfectly. Not planned at all.

    I love my gift bags too! lol This was a lot of fun to decorate though!

  4. Beautiful Pam, Gift baskets are not only fun to make the receiver has fun as well.

  5. You are so clever! Lovely gift and fun to check out all the contents :D
    I love the shredded paper idea <3

  6. Pam, I agree with Lee, you are clever! It is turning out beautiful! And, I love the shredded paper idea too! You have my mind thinking! I am giving a wedding gift to a person, I got to know at a store, I shop. So, I wanted to do something for her and her hubby to be! Thanks Pam!!!

  7. Thanks Stacy! Glad I could give you a gift idea!