Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Lights...

Tonight a friend of mine and her husband took my mom and I out to look at the Christmas lights, they are so beautiful. We have one area where almost every house is decorated. It is a lot of fun, we spent an hour looking at the lights and taking pictures and then drove around for a bit too. We also saw 3 deer, but it was too dark and they are too fast for any good pictures. Then we treated them to Wendy's which was really tasty as usual!

We don't have snow, but it is still quite nippy. I didn't get any great images as my camera wouldn't co-operate. I couldn't seem to find the right setting that I have used in the past, but made a lot of fun bokeh style images that I can use with my art or photography. I am in love with anything BOKEH lol If you don't know what Bokeh, here is a bit of info...


  1. I love these! So festive and cheery - great idea :D

  2. Pam those are wickedly cool images!
    sounds like the perfect way to spend the evening for me, lol! except I would have a nice coffee as we drove around looking at lights :-)

  3. Pam, I love these!!! As Betty said, they are wickedly cool images!!! Sounds like you had a great night! Instead of Betty's coffee, I would have had a green tea ;o) Hope you had a great Christmas ;o) Did my little gifts arrive???

  4. Thank you so much everyone!
    Thank you Stacy, yes I did! Hope you did too!
    Yes I did receive your packages, thank you! Love the ACEO's and thanks for the stamps! I didn't say anything yet as I sent something back lol

  5. Hey Pam ;o) Yeh, so happy ;o) I have to e-mail you about another stamp I just got.
    I got nothing yet. Thanks so much! You didn't have to ;o) Hugs ;o)

  6. What fun! We went driving around to see the lights, too. Last year I took pictures *hehe* and they came out the same way. It's fun to play with them! Love the colors and the soft look!