Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Owl, Deer, Geese and More...

Today it was 14 Celsius / 57 Fahrenheit and so I grabbed my camera and headed out for 3 hours. First I went downtown to a bridge I like to visit. I walked first on the left side of the bridge, and saw a single Canada Goose swimming, as well as a pair, then some far back in the distance swimming, and a pair flying...

Then I crossed the street and started walking up the right side of the bridge heading back the other way. I heard a noise which I thought was pigeons as I see them there all the time, and looked over and my jaw dropped when I noticed this beautiful Owl.

I have only ever seen owls in zoos, and haven't been to a zoo with Owls in over 15 years. So this was a real treat for me. I love Owls, always have. I think they are such gorgeous birds. Did some research and I think he is a Great Horned Owl. You can read about theme here. I was reading my "Alberta Birds" reference book and it says that Great Horned Owls are Alberta's Provincial birds. How cool!

2 older gentlemen stopped to talk to me - they said they lived in the condo's near by and they told me that there are 2 owls usually in that area and that there are deer in the area all the time.

The owl flew away further in to the woods, and I could still see him so I went over down some stairs in to an area at the side where I suddenly noticed a deer.

I couldn't get very good pictures there so I moved to underneath the bridge and then ventured down a somewhat steep muddy hill, (don't worry I wouldn't have gotten hurt badly if I fell, just very muddy lol) into the woods, where I noticed a second deer.

Notice the friend in the background. The other deer was not all that interested in having her picture taken.

These deer were White-tailed, where as I believe that I have only ever seen Mule deer so far.

This deer was not at all afraid of me and kept coming closer and closer until the other took off and left and she joined her friend. It was almost like she was posing for me lol 

Then I watched the owl a bit closer up. But he/she was facing away from me. But I did manage to get one of his/her back. As I was leaving a gang of about 8 crows were making a big ruckus, flying near the owl. Think they were trying to get him to leave.

On the way back I saw 3 more Canadian Geese on the other side, could have been the same ones.

Then I hopped the bus and went over to a lake I like to go to in the city. On the way I saw a Mule deer. At the lake I saw about 20 Canadian Geese and 2 ducks. Plus a magpie who sounded like a frog. lol

There were 4 Canadian geese near the waters edge. It looked like they were kneading the muddy areas and then plunging into the mud probably to eat the bugs. This pair did it over and over.

Finally some ducks, close up. Ducks are usually so far away when I am around. This pair of Mallards was swimming close to the edge of the water a lot of the time.

Male Mallard

Female Mallard

It was so windy here. I only stayed about 1/2 an hour then I headed home. But I really enjoyed my day.

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