Thursday, April 5, 2012

It was a beautiful day...

I went out with my camera yesterday (Wednesday), because it was a beautiful sunny day, 21 Celsius / 69 Fahrenheit. I went to the same place I saw the owl and the deer last week, but not much was happening. Only saw a few Canadian Geese and random birds that were really too far away.

On my way to the bridge I heard some birds, looked up and saw this nest. About 4 or 5 were going in and out of it. It was so high up.

There were only 4 Canadian Geese close by today, a bunch far off in the distance too! And they went up on the rocks today, I usually only see them in the water at this location.

I LOVE this section under the bridge, something so pretty about it.

And this guy I took a picture of just for my friend Stacy who loves crows! Look how pretty he is!


  1. Great shots, Pam! Looks like a lovely day too. I really like that little one in the nest :D

  2. Pam what a wonderful day you had! Stacy will love the pic of the crow for sure!
    glad you could enjoy the lovely temps.

  3. Pam ;o) Yeh, I can comment! LOL! First, I have to say, I love the pictures! The Canada Goose standing against the water, stunning! And, the shots under the bridge, so cool!!! Mother nature at her best! But, the best shot of all, of course is my crow! LOL! Great picture!!! I hope you will be able to do something with these photos, when you get your printer sorted out! Big Hugs and Happy Easter again! That mars bar sounded good ;o)

  4. Betty & Stacy, Thank you so much! It was such a nice day to be out. And not a lot of wind either. We have been having a really super windy couple of weeks, which isn't much fun!

    Thank you Stacy, I will see what I can do! Maybe I will have to go to their support website!