Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 17th, 2012: Part 1 of 2

On Saturday 2 friends and I grabbed our camera's and headed out on a 7 hour adventure to 6 different locations around the city. We didn't see very many birds or wildlife, but we kept looking, and we still had a lot of fun even though we did a huge amount of walking and we were pretty tired after. These are the images that I took...

We saw a beautiful Buck cross in front of us on the road on our way to the first location... but it was not a good place and we didn't have our cameras ready and no way to stop.

A Local Bridge...
This is where I saw a Great Horned Owl in the spring and there are usually Canadian Geese... but that day it was very quiet. We did see a lot of pygmy or red breasted nuthatches and a few ducks.

A Local Park
The only living thing we saw here was a ladybug lol So I had to take a few pictures.

A local Lake
We saw a beautiful Blue Jay but he just wouldn't sit still, we had just gotten out of the car and he didn't hang around long. I love blue jays, and have been trying to get a picture for years but so far haven't gotten one. I usually don't have my camera when I see them... I'll keep trying!

1/2 the lake was drained and filled in as there was construction going on, so I only took 1 picture...


  1. Pam, I am loving these pictures!!! The lady bugs are priceless!! Love the sky pictures and the tree pictures, well, I really do love them all!!!

  2. Truly lovely shots, Pam. Was the ladybug moving? I've never seen any out in the cold!

  3. awesome pics Pam! how did you see that itty bitty lady bug, lol?

  4. Beautiful pictures as always! It's fun that you found the ladybug - lovely contrast of her bright colors and the wintry tree bark.

  5. You have a good eye for photography and as usual, I love looking at all your pictures.