Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 17th, 2012: Part 2 of 2

Here are the rest of my pictures. It was such a beautiful day for running around with our cameras. Towards the end of the day we were loosing light and so my pictures were getting darker. At the end it was really dark, and we saw thousands of geese landing along the river, my pictures didn't turn out, just too dark. I took a mini video but have no idea how to edit and share just yet!

A Local Park
Just a quick stop here, not much happening but it sure was a beautiful view!

A Local Trail / Off Leash Dog Area
This is how I like my off leash dog areas lol NO DOGS ha ha. I like small dogs, but even they bite sometimes. And I am just not a fan of big dogs, pretty from far away lol

Along The River / Trails
This was along a very long river, a lot of thorny bush and trees to climb through to get to the river. And some climbing down to get to the waters edge. We saw 2 beavers but they were really far away. I had never seen one before, they are beautiful.


  1. I love the beavers! So cute! And, I love the one of the tree bent over! And, the shoe one is excellent! Oh, and the reflections of the houses are excellent!! Great, great photos!

  2. Great reflections and shots of the beaver swimming ;-) So many lovely scenes - thanks for sharing your outing!

  3. Awesome! The first place looks a lot like where I live =) Great reflections! Looks like you had just the right amount of snow - enough to be pretty and not too much to get sticky.

  4. Thank you girls,

    Stacy - Thank you! I studied beavers in 5th or 6th grade but had never seen one in person, so it was a real treat.

    Lee - Thank you. I love reflections and the way the light hit the water was just perfect. Was breathtaking to see in person.

    Kathy - Thank you! We have a lot of hilly areas, usually referred to as coulee's, I hadn't been to any of them before and was such a sight to see. Just beautiful. The amount of snow was perfect.