Friday, November 30, 2012

November 22nd, 2012: 3 Locations

Finally... Here are my pictures from the 22nd... I went out with my friend and we had a lot of fun walking around on trails looking for wildlife.

Near A Local Bridge
We were on our way to the first Wildlife Park and noticed a lot of Canada Geese, so we decided to stop. We had to go down a little hill to get down near them and I twisted my ankle - good way to start the adventure, right ? lol Anyways it is ok now but the first day after I was in a lot of pain as I continued to walk on it after.

A Local Wildlife Park
Here we saw a lot of Canada Geese & ducks flying, black-capped chickadee in flight, 1 deer, 1-2 bunnies but they were hidden in the trees, male downy woodpecker, and more black-capped chickadees.

Another Wildlife Park, Across The River
Here we saw more Canada Geese and ducks flying, as well as a hawk or eagle. I have researched it and I think it is either a red-tailed hawk, or a juvenile bald eagle. We also saw a deer on the way out of the park.


  1. I am in sincere awe of your talent for capturing pictures, Pam. My favorites are those of the bridge and the chickadees... especially that single chickadee fluttering with the trees blurry in the background... sheer perfection! I love your photos!!!

  2. So very many gorgeous shots! A wonderful excursion, Pam. Thanks for bringing me along - I'm still toasty warm. lol

  3. nice captures Pam! especially the chickadee, and great shots of the geese in format. Cute bunny, lol!
    wow, you had a very successful time, lucky girl! but ooooh, I'm getting cold just looking at the shots of the water with slush and snow in it, yikes, lol!

  4. Pam, these photos are fantastic! I love the bunny and the knot in the wood photos! And, woody is so cute too! I really enjoyed them all! I hope your ankle is better ;o)