Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 21st, 2012: Multiple Locations...

Yesterday I headed out with my camera. It was too cold to be out and my asthma was bothering me big time so I didn't stay out all that long, but I did go to 2 locations.

The Bridge Downtown

I took a bunch of photos and merged them together into a panorama photo with my software... click the image to see it a bit larger. Love the reflections in the water with the snow! This one is really long so hard to see here...

Found this cool nest, wonder what lives there ?

I had just barely gotten up on the bridge when I saw something flying at me fast, I thought maybe it was a duck at first and then it darted by me and I realized it was a Belted Kingfisher, I had seen one once before in April 2010, and it was flying so fast too. They are such beautiful birds.

Canadian Geese

A pigeon flying, there are a lot around here.

A Local Lake

There were tons of animal tracks here, and a lot of deer tracks at the bridge. Do you ever wonder what they're thinking when they see our tracks ? Like, "oh the humans were here again" LOL


  1. You find such wonderful things to photograph; love them all!

  2. Thanks for bringing along - I got to stay warm and enjoy all your sights! The geese look like they are sitting on the ice ;-)

  3. Thank you Judi!
    Lee - Thank you! Yes they do sit on the ice, looks pretty cold, but probably better than being in the water!

  4. I bet that's what the animals do say! LOL! Love the Kingfisher! Amazing!!! What a great day! Take care of yourself with your asthma!

  5. Thank you Stacy, my asthma is a bit better than it was, still bothering me but hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!