Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 24th, 2013: Trip to near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

A friend of mine's husband drives a Semi Truck for a living and he invited us on a trip with him from where we live in Southern Alberta up to Rocky Mountain House. It was a long trip ~ 16 Hours ~ but was a ton of fun! Here are some of the pictures I took! Keep in mind most were taken from inside the truck through the windows of a moving truck lol

We had absolutely beautiful weather, it was between -5 and +9 Celsius / 23 and 48 Fahrenheit. Right after we got on the highway we saw a coyote but I didn't have my camera out yet and it would have been too dark anyways. We saw a few hawks, missed them all. We were moving too fast, I did get pictures of a few birds but think they are ravens and crows mostly.

We left the house at 6:30am, (I slept very little the night before... my asthma was bothering me, AND I was super excited lol) and we arrived home to my place at 10:30pm, my friends got back to their place at 11pm. I don't do a whole lot of traveling and so really enjoyed the beautiful snowy fields, seeing the barns and that 1 grain elevator... love those buildings! And the sky was so beautiful!

A little info on the truck... 81 feet long, and 138, 000 pounds and our trip was close to 1,000 kilometers. These  first 2 pictures were taken with my iPhone... 

My friend let me sit in the front most of the way and so I had the front and back view from the rear facing mirror... pretty cool!

We saw these cool broken down combines...

I kept my eyes on the sky and the fence posts lol You never know what you'll see just taking a rest!

We have arrived... we had an hour and 40 minutes to get out of the truck and wander around. We visited their horses, and then walked through a gorgeous all birch forest, then we went out to the highway and took pictures there.

The trees were covered with 2 types of moss. We don't have a ton of birch trees here and so this was truly beautiful!

There were animal tracks all over the place but we didn't see any wildlife, deer tracks, and possibly other animals, maybe coyotes.

And signs of a beaver maybe. Only saw this one that looked like it had been someone's meal.

And I saw this mystery bird... I have no idea what it is, will have to do some research!

These 2 crows *I think* kept landing on the road looking for road kill or food...

The moon was gorgeous, we watched it come up behind the trees, and then high in the sky. No buildings or traffic lights to block it!

And we were on the road again, it started getting dark fast and so I didn't take many pictures after that!

Same grain elevator as earlier... I love them!

Was getting too dark and so I put my camera away after this picture... Chatted with my friends husband while she slept, then my friend and I traded spots so I could rest my back against pillows the last few hours. Was really sore the last 3-4 hours.

Hope you've enjoyed my little adventure. I sure did! I woke up today very sore and super tired, but was worth it! I love a good adventure!


  1. Pam,
    I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. I love pictures of roads and old buildings so these appealed to me. I love road trips, but I usually don't get to take pictures because I am the driver most of the time. These were just great!

  2. Thank you Alice,

    I do too, especially barns, and grain elevators, and I'd love to see a covered bridge and lighthouse one day!

  3. Pam, the pictures are great. Reminded me a lot of Eastern Oregon. I love old buildings, barns, grain elevators so these really were right up my alley. I am so happy that you got to have this adventure. I think I finally get what makes you a photographer, you see things different that most. I would never have taken a picture of a post with barbed wire, but it was beautiful.

  4. Fantastic Pam!! I wish I could have been there with you! My mom said in her younger years, she use to date a truck driver and she loved going on little adventures! I really enjoyed all the pictures! Well done! Please take care of yourself!! Get some sleep and take care of that asthma!

  5. Great shots Pam! I love barns and rural buildings! Reminds me of the Midwest and my time there. Thanks for taking me along :) Hope you have recovered from the trip.

  6. Marlene - Thank you! I really enjoy photography and this was such a fun experience.

    Stacy - Thank you! How cool for your mom! I have a dr's appt tomorrow, trying to get it under control!

    Lee - Thank you! I love them too!