Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 9th, 2013: A Local Bridge...

Yesterday one of my friends and I took the bus down to a bridge downtown. She usually drives but wanted to try taking the bus with me for a change! We had fun! It was so incredibly windy that we are lucky if we got any good pictures lol

We saw several ducks, including a dead one on the sad :( We also saw 5 deer (4 does and 1 buck with tiny antlers), several smaller birds including a male downy woodpecker and a chickadee. And a bald eagle but he flew right over top of us and we couldn't take the picture in time. :( Chased him for a bit but never did get any pictures. He disappeared too fast.

This has got to be one of my favorite shots I have taken of a duck! lol I love watching these ducks dive!

These deer were in the forest and we were on the outside looking in through the trees, so not the best pictures. We could have gotten down closer but we would have had to go down a steep hill and my ankle has been bothering me last few weeks - I twisted it 6 weeks ago. So decided not to risk it!

Not the clearest picture... was too windy.

This little guy was 6-7 feet from us, and didn't care that we were snapping his picture!


  1. Great shots, Pam! Ya, I love the woody with all those fluffy feathers and ducks diving and in flight. I chased a chickadee yesterday...real skittish, no photo :( today no camera and a blue jay taunting me as I picked up the mail.

  2. Thank you Lee!
    lol those blue jays have an evil streak, they keep eluding me, I think it's a game to them now lol I will get a picture one day!

  3. Great pictures Pam! I love the duck diving! So cute! Make sure to take care of your ankle!! I see you and Lee talking about Blue Jays. Did you know, they are apart of the crow family?

  4. Thank you Jen & Mom...

    Thank you Stacy!

    I will take care of it! Thank you! Being more cautious than normal as I don't want to twist it (or worse) again).

    Stacy, no I had no idea that Blue Jays were part of the crow family, maybe you should try some baby blue jays. Bet they'd be fun too!