Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6th, 2013... A local wildlife park

Today I went to a local wildlife park by myself, it was a really long walk... about 35 minutes each way to get there and a bit of walking there too. But it was a beautiful day!

And in addition to the birds below, I also saw 1 blue jay and 2 robins (the first for the year)... they flew too fast into the trees for me to get a picture. And I was watching for the bald eagles that nest up there but didn't see any!

Common Redpolls, Black-Capped Chickadees, etc... 

Splish Splash... it's time for a bath!
What a fun experience to watch birds bathe... they didn't mind me watching either. And then they dried off and preened in the trees!

Northern Flicker Woodpecker... I think!

Female Pine Grosbeaks... I saw 2. I whistled a bit and 1 flew closer to me! The bird below is the same bird, the other was far away and I didn't get a good shot. I have never seen this bird before so was thrilled! They are so pretty!

Magpie... these birds are everywhere lol

Mallard Ducks and Canada Geese!


  1. I love the close ups of the little birds and the solo bather splashing! They are so darn cute ;-) Haven't ever seen a magpie - we have crows/ravens camped out in the big oak.

  2. Wow Pam, truly amazing!!! I am so grateful that you share these pictures with us!!! I am living your adventure through your photos ;o) You really saw robins?? It is going to be an early spring!!!

  3. What beautiful birds! How fun to see them taking a bath. Brrrr - guess they don't care if it is cold!

  4. Very nice! The images are so clear.

    I really liked the bird with the pink/reddish crest and chest. I think he's the same one bathing.

  5. Pam, your pictures are, as always, spectacular. I love the second bird down from the top... the pink/reddish breast and head are beautiful. And what is the last picture of... are those grazing buffalo??

    It is amazing what you have so close to you... beautiful!

  6. Thank you Jen! They kept flying to the ground to get seeds, hard to catch them as they don't stay down there long.

    No those are just cows, but they are across the river so hard to tell!