Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February 25th, 2013: A local bridge...

Well I am a little late in blogging this trip, I completely forgot about it lol

I went to a local bridge, I didn't see much as it was quite a chilly day and I was freezing so I didn't stay very long. I wandered around the bridge and a small park beside it for maybe an hour!

The day was cloudy and cold so these are not the best pictures.

Notice the Flickr Woodpecker, he was hard to get, found him in with 100's of Starlings! I only saw him as when he flew I noticed his brownish red wings!

On a side note a day or two before this, I had the pleasure of waking up to a Northern Flicker on my window sill. It took me too long to wise up and realize what it was, so no pictures. He flew away when I got my iPhone to the window. But was very cool!


  1. Great shots as always. Pam. You do a marvelous job capturing them in flight!

  2. Chilly day or not, your pictures are still great :) The two in consecutive wing formation over the water are particularly interesting!

  3. Gorgeous photos Pam ;o) You do have an eye for capturing nature ;o)

  4. Thank you Lee, Jen, Stacy, Betty & Kathy. I have so much fun, even on cold days lol