Friday, February 22, 2013

February 22nd, 2013: A local Wildlife Park!

Today a friend and I visited one of my favorite wildlife parks. We saw lots of Canada Geese, 2 bald eagles and some smaller birds. It was a beautiful day +4 Celsius / 39 Fahrenheit. Just a bit windy when we were down by the river or up above it.

Blogger is driving me nuts lately, the pictures no longer get inserted in the order that you took the pictures. So it takes forever to blog my pictures these days. I have to insert them 1 at a time lol

Down below the river, up close to where the geese were.

Canada Geese 

Northern Flicker Woodpecker

 Common Redpolls

look how plump this one is... so sweet lol

me trying to get flying shots... they are just too fast lol

Up above the river... farther away from the geese.

Bald Eagles
1 stayed in the nest, while the other flew to a tree for a bit, then flew off to do some soaring for a while then eventually left the area. I love watching them!

 Northern Flicker WoodpeckerSaw this up near where the eagles were. Thought it was a pigeon at first.

More Canada Geese

amazing how low they can fly to the water / ice.


  1. Love all the birds and especially the ones in flight. Great shots, Pam! I love Flickers :D

  2. Beautiful pictures Pam, I am with Lee the close ups of the geese flying are great, also love the little redpolls, so cute.

  3. What a beautiful clear day! You took some amazing photos Pam! I love the little chubby one ;o)

  4. Thank you Jen,

    I think finding out what kinds of birds they are is half the fun of taking their pictures.